Thomas Christy for Seminole Council


                                   Tom Christy Cares!



 Tom Christy at Classic Car show at Lake Seminole Presbyterian Church in Seminole.

                              Tom cares about the residents of Seminole

      Tom Christy truly cares about the people of Seminole. Tom goes out of his way to others. Tom has been an active member of Seminole. Tom has been an active member of St. Justin Martyr Catholic Church for eight years. He is highly respected. Tom has consistently served as an usher at Church.

       Tom has assisted at the Church Thrift Store by giving of his time and talent. He has assisted with pickup and delivery of heavy furniture and other assistance. Tom assists in various other ministries as well. If someone is in need of his help Tom is always there. He never turns away.

         Please show your support  for Tom for Seminole City Council. Tom will put forth much time and dedication and diligent effort for the City of Seminole. You will come to appreciate Tom as much as his friends do. Tom Christy cares!